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Landlords Lawyer

Our expert team of tenant eviction specialists have vast experience in providing legal services to letting agents, private landlords, law firms, insurance companies and housing associations.

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Legal advice for property owners

We specialise in tenant eviction and rent arrear problems throughout England and Wales.

We understand the frustrations and anguish caused by a bad tenant. If your tenant is in arrears, not paying the rent, causing a nuisance, damaging the property or just refusing to leave – then we can advise you on your rights as a landlord and provide you with support during the tenant eviction process. Whether you are a private landlord with just one property or a letting agency with many, we are here for you with professional advice at very affordable rates.

Our aim is to advise, guide and help on all tenant eviction and rent arrears matters ensuring either a fast and efficient resolution or the eviction of the tenant. We offer a full and comprehensive service for landlords, ensuring you meet all the requirements, helping to prevent any unnecessary delays in serving eviction notices and possessions. We will assist you with the whole eviction process from start to finish. We offer national coverage, so it doesn’t matter where your property is situated.

Landlords Lawyer is run by Property and Legal Professionals with many years’ experience in dealing with tenancy problems.

Court Process


We offer expert advice on the court eviction process. We are a reputable firm who understand this procedure completely. Our eviction specialists can guide you through the process and also assist you in arranging representation through a firm of solicitors who will present your case in court if necessary



We will assist you in arranging representation through a firm of solicitors who will present your case in any local county court in England and Wales.  Most areas are covered and the advocates specialise in Landlord & Tenant Possession Hearings and Mortgage Repossessions.

If you find that our competitor has the same service at a cheaper price, we’ll match the price for you.

Should the section 21 fail for no fault of the landlord than we guarantee to return our fees*

* The guarantee will not stand if the event that you breach any of the following terms and conditions: Should the landlord fail to disclose any material facts which would adversely affect a possession claim. Should the landlord enter into a new agreement with the tenant Should the landlord commit any criminal act including but not limited to unlawful eviction, harassment or failure to maintain the property Should the landlord fail to pay the court fee Should the landlord withdraw from the proceedings after papers are drawn up we reserve the right to charge a fair reasonable cost for our time.